Please note that the Inland Revenue Department will not longer be issuing pre-printed tax tables. If you prepare your wages manually you will need to calculate your PAYE online at the IRD website.

It maybe a good time to consider changing to a computerised payroll system if not already. A payroll system can take away the stress of calculating wages correctly, keeping track of Holiday Pay, Sick Pay and completing schedules to the IRD.

Please contact Jenny or Carli at the office to discuss the programme that best suits your needs, 07 871 3430.

Do you pay your PAYE Online?

IRD have notified us that they are no longer be sending out PAYE returns (Employers Deductions IR345) to clients who pay their PAYE online. You will now need to log on to the IRD website and file your returns through the website.

Please Take Copies

The IRD are cutting back on the amount of paper they send out. Returns that were once carbonised are no longer, and many clients now file their returns online and receive no paper copy. However, we still need a copy of these returns and need you to retain them with your year end information. Please print us a copy, or any electronically saved copy. Believe it or not, mistakes can still happen, and we always need a copy of the original documentation!


It has come to our attention that ACC have added, deleted or changed a number of classification groups over the last few years. It may be of benefit to you to review your invoices to ensure the classification and rate is accurate for your type of business. If you would like assistance with this please contact Emma at Grace team, she will be able to confirm your details are correct. Alternatively you can get your ACC invoices posted to us directly and we can check the details and advise you of the payment due.

Also are you aware that if an employee has a workplace accident and you pay them 80% of their first weeks wages this needs to be advised to ACC at year end as you are not liable to pay ACC levies on this pay. In the old days this was detailed on the year end wages reconciliation but now you are required to communicate this by phone to ACC. If you are using a computerised payroll system there should be a report that you can run at year end. If you have any queries regarding this please contact Steve or Carli.

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