Omicron Outbreak - Business assistance from government

Support Payments / Late IRD Tax Payments/Low or No-Interest Loans, etc

The government has announced three fortnightly Covid 19 support payments.

Applications are open for registration from 28th February 2022.  

The amount of each payment is $4,000, plus $400 for each employee (up to 50 employees).  You will need to apply for each payment.

Business income needs to be showing 40% lower in a 7 day period, any time from 16th  February, compared to a typical week,  between 5th January 2022 and 15 February 2022.

Late IRD Payments:

If you paid your tax late because you were affected by Covid-19, then send Inland Revenue a message or contact us to arrange on your behalf to have the penalties removed.

Need more time to pay tax?

Due to the disruption to business an instalment arrangement can be arranged by either calling Inland Revenue 0800 227 774 or contact us to arrange on your behalf.

Low or no-interest loans - see attached IRD Fact Sheet.                                                              Money to pay employees who have to stay home and cannot work - see attached IRD Fact Sheet

To find out more, then please read the attached IRD Fact Sheet.


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